Shui aka Water Old-timey Frostville Farmhouse w/ Birdhouse Bus Stop Guy Tremont Flowers Postcard from Cleveland Retro TV Show ad

Postcard from Cleveland


If you like to rock and you’re from Cleveland, this is your postcard.

Retro TV Show ad


A recent weekend project.

Tremont Flowers


Flowers and more flowers!

Bus Stop Guy


Sometimes you get an exciting scene, sometimes it’s a quiet slice of city life. This is one of the quiet slices.

Old-timey Frostville Farmhouse w/ Birdhouse


Xiaojing took the base photo of the main Frostville Museum house. I finished it off in Photoshop with light leaks, textures, and the font Bourbon.

Shui aka Water


This project was a quick and easy one.


Graphic Design

Looking for something more than a cheap-o logo that came out of a box of clip art, but a full-fledged design studio is a little too much for you?  We might be able to help.




We love photography. You can see more of our photos on our Etsy store (click the shop link above or see the Etsy widgets down below.)

New works

Philly Drifter:


The Dress and The Chinese Army – Shanghai Feb 2005:

The Dress and the Army - Shanghai 2005